After putting my ideas into a current article on soy cappucinos, the topic of milk as a whole begun to appear and similar to soy; milk is a greatly discussed topic without a doubt. However, there are many alternative milk products out in the market recently. Califia milk products and almond milk are some of them.

The something I imagined when I started writing was to create awareness on health and hopefully attract like-minded individuals who added with responses. All concerns and remarks are encouraged and whilst I’m plainly enthusiastic concerning health and wellness I certainly don’t have all the responses, yet I do my finest when I can.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand! Why I don’t drink much milk …


I’m skeptical when it comes to milk consumption as well as I just have one flat white a day with milk. I do not make use of milk in my supplement trembles or porridge etc.

I’m not here to convince you regarding whether you should consume milk or not yet just produce awareness to check out methods. There’s a debate within itself if we ought to also be consuming milk as human beings. Some claim it needs to stop after nursing, others say we have actually been having it for hundreds of years. A bit like vegetarianism, there’s an entire host of clashing proof flying around on which is best … healthy and balanced disputes!

But also for me personally, I want to consider the sound judgment strategy and the specific facts that worry me:


Whether we’ve been drinking milk for hundreds of years or not, it’s reasonable to state prior to industrialization, if we desired milk we would certainly have most likely walked out to the backyard as well as bled the cow ourselves. Times have seriously changed as well as milk huges company.

Milk is a derivative of a cow, and as much I’m concerned the quality of the milk depends considerably on the problem of the cow, and the setting it’s kept in.

Did you understand the ordinary cow was tape-recorded back in 1930 to only be able to produce about 1.5 litres a day. Inning accordance with the post from “Weston A Cost” – Back in 1930, the average dairy products cow created 12 extra pounds (concerning a gallon as well as a fifty percent) of milk each day. In 1988, the standard was 39 pounds (4.5 litres) per day. This was completed by selective breeding to acquire milk cows that created a lot of pituitary hormones, therefore generating big amounts of milk. The industry was not pleased with this result. Today rBGH, a synthetic growth hormone, is made use of to obtain even more milk out of the dairy products cows, bringing the average as much as 50 extra pounds (6 liters) of milk each day. This is done to meet the ever-increasing demands of milk as well as to earn more cash.

Not to state the feed, cows consume turf? No, the majority are fed upon corn! So what effect does this carry the cow? The milk? The beef?

A wonderful resource on business farming is the movie “Food Inc.”

All these points concern me and this alone places me off alcohol consumption excessive commercial milk. There are several posts and also sources worth taking a look at on this topic.


There’s a continual war taking place whether we ought to be pasteurizing milk or not. Pasteurization is set out to complete two points: Devastation of particular disease-carrying germs and also the avoidance of souring milk. The milk is heated to a heat for up to half a hour and also kills whatever dead.

The home heating is unplanned and also eliminates all nutritional advantages along with favorable bacteria.

If you are drinking milk for its calcium, you must consider just what extreme heat/pasteurization does to milk. Inning accordance with the Dr Mercola internet site – Most likely pasteurization’s worst offense is that it makes insoluble the major part of the calcium contained in raw milk.

Weston A Cost – We have all been led to believe that milk is a fantastic source of calcium, when as a matter of fact, pasteurisation makes calcium and other minerals less readily available. Total devastation of phosphatase is one technique of screening to see if milk has actually been appropriately pasteurized. Phosphatase is important for the absorption of calcium.

From what I have actually investigated, literally lots of other valuable enzymes are ruined in the pasteurisation process, without them milk is very difficult to digest. How many individuals do you understand who are lactose intolerant? This simply makes me question whether individuals are intolerant to lactose or in fact intolerant to just what we are doing to the milk.

I’m skeptical when it comes to milk intake and I just have one flat white a day with milk. I’m not here to persuade you as to whether you should drink milk or not yet simply create awareness to check out methods. According to the short article from “Weston A Rate” – Back in 1930, the average dairy products cow generated 12 pounds (concerning a gallon and a half) of milk per day. Today rBGH, a synthetic growth hormone, is used to get also more milk out of the milk cows, bringing the standard up to 50 pounds (6 litres) of milk per day. Weston A Price – We have all been led to believe that milk is a terrific resource of calcium, when in truth, pasteurisation makes calcium and also other minerals much less offered.